What is the Best Natural Way To Glow.

We all seek it, it is elusive and difficult to understand. It is that glow that one sees when they are near you.  The glow can be interpreted as many things but what I have boiled it down to is your energy. When you eat well and think well you will be well. From this your glow will emanate and you will achieve that level of illumination. Don’t believe me? Eat the right foods for 2 weeks straight, I mean truly healthy foods that promote energy, you won’t recognize yourself because your glow will be so bright.


Which Foods to Eat

Well to be honest everything that the sun beams energy into. So its directly from the most powerful thing in the solar system to you. No intermediaries like factory inserted vitamins or modifications to the genome of the fruit or vegetable just straight natural organic food, get it from the sun to the earth to you. Now you have the energy of the sun in you. Now what does the sun do? It shines, it glows. Now go eat the sun and feel better.

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