Using the Best Blow Dryer. The Proper Technique.

Many people use hair dryers all the time, including the brands of professional hair dryers that the professionals might use. However, even when they are sure to get the exact same models, they still fail to get the same results that the professionals can seemingly get with no effort. Ultimately, using a professional blow dryer is more about technique than anything else.

Blow dryer hair

The Hair Salon Look

For one thing, it is going to be very difficult for people to get that salon look without any natural hair product. People are going to need to get some smooth serum to distribute into their hair. They can take a few drops and smooth it into their hair using a simple comb. All of this should occur after the hair has already been washed.

Blow Dry Like The Pros

From there, people can start to blow-dry their hair like the professionals would, and they’re only going to need to use the right attachments from the hair dryers in order to make that happen. Most hair dryers are going to be equipped with nozzles. The nozzle is going to reduce the amount of force that people would normally get with their hair dryers. The nozzle should also help people when it comes to directing the heat that much more efficiently than a hair steamer.

Using a professional hair dryer requires people to blow from the back section of the head, which will help distribute the heat more effectively and which will help people when it comes to avoiding heating up the ends or the roots too much. From there, people can start vigorously brushing out huge tresses of hair, while allowing the hair dryer to heat up and dry those particular sections.

Hair Salon Techniques

When people go to professionals , the beauticians are usually going to brush and comb their hair as they dry it off, drying out individual tresses as they comb them. They do this in order to direct the heat at individual tresses. When people try to dry their entire heads of hair in a non-directed way, they’re usually going to avoid successfully drying their hair at all.

They’re also going to fail to get the volume and the bouncy quality that people are usually going to get at the hair salon and when they eat for healthy hair. The heat from hair dryers partly changes the shape of the individual strands of hair, which is going to create a sense of volume. Brushing out individual strands of hair to dry is going to help people create the effect that they want.

It’s important to dry one’s hair from the roots to the ends and not the other way around, which is how the professionals do it and how it should be done. The position of the airflow matters a lot: it’s important to get it angled in the direction of the ends. As such, the hair cuticle itself is going to lie flat during this process. The hair will get the smooth and gleaming appearance that people have come to expect at hair salons, and which people can have at home with the right techniques.

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